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Straight pants for women

At the heart of its selection of women's pants, Apostrophe highlights numerous models of straight pants to allow women of all body shapes to sport chic and comfortable looks. All of our straight pants can be found in our pants catalog . And if you like our straight pants , you will also like our wide pants !

How to wear straight pants for women?

Wear straight pants with a blouse

At any time of the year, we advise you to wear women's straight-cut pants with a pretty lace, silk or velvet blouse. A material like lace will bring a sophisticated and feminine touch to your look. While velvet will retain your body heat in winter. With high-waisted straight pants , choose a blouse with printed patterns to play the originality card! Discover our collection of blouses and blouses

Wear straight pants with a pretty wool sweater

When winter is around the corner, we like to wear materials that are both comfortable and warm. To wear with luxury straight pants for women , there is nothing like classic wool sweaters. The mix between straight pants for women and a wool sweater is ideal for a day at the office or for a dinner with friends. See all our wool clothing

When to wear straight pants?

Wear straight pants to work

Through its classic and elegant side, you will have no trouble adopting straight cut pants for women at work. In addition to sporting a chic look, you will feel comfortable in all your movements. At the office, favor high-waisted straight pants in suede or velvet. Note that Apostrophe pants adapt to all body types. I discover the whole range of Apostrophe pants

Wear women's straight pants to a chic evening

Are you wondering when to wear straight pants for women ? Well know that a chic evening with friends lends itself easily. Depending on the theme of the evening, you can choose your women's straight pants from many high-quality materials. Our women's straight velvet pants and our women's straight wool pants will give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

How to accessorize your straight pants for women?

Pair straight pants with a chic blazer jacket

The first accessory that we have to recommend to go with straight pants for women is the essential blazer jacket. To create a chic work outfit or for a dinner at a restaurant, the blazer jacket and high-waisted straight pants combo will be perfect. I discover the Apostrophe women's blazer jackets

Accessorize straight pants with a leather trench coat

When you decide to wear women's straight cut pants in winter, don't hesitate to accessorize them with a leather trench coat. This iconoclastic coat goes perfectly with the classic and chic side of straight pants . Among our selection of coats, you will discover brown and black leather trench coats ideal for the fall/winter season. Discover our coat collection