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Women's printed dresses

In recent years, patterned dresses for women have become essentials in our wardrobes. In summer as in winter, we like to accessorize women's printed dresses with sophisticated jackets or coats that add a touch of elegance to an outfit. Find inspiration by browsing our collections of dresses and work dresses .

The different Apostrophe print dresses

Prints are essential pieces of our wardrobes. At Apostrophe, we particularly enjoy combining them with all of our dress models. The women's printed dresses in our collection are reinvented throughout the seasons. We like to imagine new prints to enhance you at every moment.

Paisley print

A timeless motif in women's wardrobe, the paisley print makes a comeback every year among the trends and is available in many colors. The paisley pattern, also called Paisley, is characterized by the emphasis on very colorful abstract and oriental shapes.

Our cashmere dresses

We particularly appreciate the cashmere dress for its originality and refinement. It will be ideal to wear in summer in a material that is both fluid and light.

Leopard print

Among the different patterned dresses for women , the essential pattern in our wardrobes in recent years is none other than the leopard dress .

Our leopard dresses

It is a fashion piece today considered a must-have. We very often find the leopard pattern on flowing and flared maxi or mini dresses.

The Liberty print

When we look at the essential patterns of women's fashion, we also find the floral print, otherwise called the Liberty pattern. In winter as in summer, it is a pattern that is easy to accessorize and which adapts to all seasons.

Our Liberty dresses

Our Liberty dresses are timeless. They bring that hint of romanticism and femininity which reinforces the elegance and refinement of an outfit.

How to wear a printed dress?

When trying to harmonize an outfit with a printed dress for women as its central piece, the main thing is to focus on how the pieces are put together. We'll explain it to you.

Women's patterned summer dresses

On the one hand, there are printed dresses for women to wear according to the seasons. In summer for a wedding or birthday, choose light cotton Liberty dresses . See summer patterned dresses

Women's patterned winter dresses

As for leopard dresses or checkered dresses , they will easily find their place in your fall/winter wardrobe. Discover our winter patterned dresses

Focus on accessories to enhance your printed dress

In fashion, there is nothing like enhancing your outfit by combining trendy accessories in the same tones. Among our selection of women's accessories, stoles, scarves, hats and throws can be discovered now. Discover the accessories

Printed dress: how to choose the right jacket or coat?

It is not always easy to combine patterned dresses for women . We advise you to turn to black leather jackets or coats in brown tones to highlight your printed dress .

Jackets and coats to match with a women's patterned dress

To match your outfit, take a look at our collection of women's jackets and our range of winter coats .