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Women's work dresses

To feel comfortable in your clothes while respecting the dress code of the corporate world, Apostrophe has designed pretty models of chic office work dresses for elegant women. Women's workwear continues to reinvent itself to offer women a wide range of choices. Also take a look at our dresses and printed dress collections.

Which dress to choose to go to work?

It is not always easy to know which model of dress to wear in a professional setting. The dress code fluctuates from one company to another. Within its selection of office dresses , Apostrophe highlights women's workwear to dress elegant women.

The suit-style dress for a chic and refined style

Among the chic and trendy office work dresses , the suit-style dress is a timeless fashion piece of women's workwear . This dress model can be worn every day at the office.

The advantages of our office dresses

We appreciate it for its very distinguished look but also for its comfortable appearance. In the same spirit, straight office dresses with belts at the waist are a must-have in a woman's wardrobe.

The maxi dress for a sober and elegant look

If you are looking for an office dress that is both comfortable and elegant to wear every day at the office, know that the maxi dress is the true ally of working girls.

What morphology for our women's work dresses?

An iconoclastic piece of women's workwear dressing, this chic office work dress adapts to all body types to offer you an elegant and refined look whatever the season.

How to accessorize your work dress?

To accessorize an office dress and enhance a women's workwear outfit, there are many possibilities. Whether choosing a jacket or coat, the main thing is to create a harmonious work look in which you feel comfortable. See all accessories

Add a blazer jacket over an office dress

In order to enhance your office dress , we can only advise you to wear the blazer jacket over it. Discover our collection of jackets now.

The materials of our jackets to go with an office dress

In wool or velvet, this feminine wardrobe essential will match perfectly with your women's work dress to give you a slender look.

Coats to wear with a women's work dress

When temperatures tend to drop from fall onwards, wearing a coat with an office dress is a must. It is important to the Apostrophe teams to design coats that are both chic and comfortable to accompany women in their everyday lives.

What are the materials of our coats?

Leather trench, eco-fur jacket or even reversible parka, discover our selection of coats to wear with a women's work dress .