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Quel pantalon pour sa morphologie

Which pants for your body type

Which pants for your body shape I APOSTROPHE PARIS Which pants for your body shape I APOSTROPHE PARIS

Which pants to choose for your body type?

Are you looking for the ideal pants ?

Did you know that by choosing pants adapted to your body shape you can't go wrong? Indeed, it is important to choose a model that fits your body perfectly. Apostrophe Paris offers you a guide to finding the pants that will beautify your figure. Discover the different body types and the model you need!

Fluid denim pants


Which pants for the A-shaped body shape?

White bridge pants

The A-shaped body shape corresponds to a slim silhouette on the upper body, but wider at the bottom. The hips and thighs are more developed than your shoulders, and your waist is less pronounced. You should therefore avoid wearing low-waisted pants. This tends to accentuate the hips.

On the contrary, emphasize your waist with high-waisted women's pants . It will restore a certain balance, by softening the hips. You can choose loose pants , or a flared model like these navy bridge pants .


Which pants for the V shape?

The V morphology designates a silhouette where the shoulders are rather broad; hips and legs are slender. Avoid wearing high-waisted pants! To balance your look, you need to emphasize your lower body.

Opt for straight pants , low waist or slim fit. The carrot cut is also ideal for you, like these paisley print pants . Generally, close-fitting pants are preferred. You can also adorn your pants with a belt which will help balance your silhouette by highlighting your waist.

Straight navy pants with marked pleats


Which pants for the O shape?

Fuchsia pants

Do you have generous shapes? Your shoulders are not very broad and your waist is not very pronounced. You have what we call an O-shaped body shape .

To enhance your feminine shapes, opt for straight pants , a cigarette cut or bootcut. Avoid choosing low-waisted pants. The idea is to elongate your silhouette to highlight your waist. So choose high-waisted pants or flowing pants . Lightweight fabrics will look great on you. Close-fitting pants will also suit you perfectly.


Which pants for the H shape?

The H-shaped morphology is balanced. In fact, the shoulders and hips are aligned. Your waistline is not very marked, so you should not accentuate it. The ideal is to wear straight cut pants, or close-fitting pants . This will lengthen your legs and feminize your appearance. Also prefer a low waist.

In fact, low-rise luxury pants will add a little volume to the lower body to rebalance your silhouette. If you wear your pants with heels for a feminine look, it will be perfect!

Navy trousers with marked pleats

You understand, choosing pants adapted to your body shape will enhance your figure! Find all our pants models on our e-shop , as well as all our range of trendy clothing and accessories.