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Wear the dress in winter: how to do it

Wearing the dress in winter: how to do it I APOSTROPHE PARIS

How to wear the dress in winter? Some women abandon the dress during the winter season. However, it is a must-have piece in any season! It's not just meant to be summer clothing. Are you afraid of being cold or having a bad taste? Apostrophe Paris explains how to wear the dress in winter ?

The dress is not the whole outfit, pair it with warmer clothing;

Tights are necessary, there are many very trendy models

High-top shoes, like boots or thigh-high boots, will accompany your dress and keep you warm;

Practice layering, by layering several items of clothing on your dress, such as a sweater, a cardigan and a coat.

Printed velvet Frida dress


What style of dress to choose in winter?

Can we wear all styles of dresses in winter ? It depends both on your desire to follow trends and your resistance to the cold. The lighter summer models, with thin straps, are not intended to be worn at this time of year. Instead, choose a dress model with long sleeves, ¾ sleeves, or short sleeves , which will cover you more. The secret to not being cold? Put another item of clothing on top of your dress, and wear a warm coat.


Black velvet wrap dress

Certain materials are ideal for a long winter dress . However, the length of the dress is not really an issue.

A short or mid-length dress can be accessorized very well with both tights and high-top shoes. Choose warmer materials if you are cold by nature. So, a tweed dress that contains a majority of wool will be perfect for you.

Velvet is also a material that keeps you warm just like silk! The latter has the particularity of retaining heat, despite its lightness. Also, a long velvet dress is always a good choice for winter.

As for a wrap dress that mixes velvet and silk, it combines softness and elegance with two warm materials. We can only recommend it to you! 


What dress cut to choose in winter?

This winter, the straight dress is still a timeless basic. Chic and refined, a knee-length piece or a long straight dress will make you happy. As for wrap dresses , they will flatter your figure. To wear in the evening with pumps!

For the end of year celebrations, we recommend a women's velvet dress , like our Frida model . This cashmere dress , with long sleeves, is infinitely glamorous! This is a luxury dress that is perfect for a New Year's Eve party.

Printed velvet Frida dress


What color dress to wear in winter?

Paisley print Mira shirt dress

It's no surprise, the little black dress is always a centerpiece of seasonal wardrobes. Black gives a natural presence and goes to all women on all occasions.

At Apostrophe Paris, you will find the black luxury women's dress of your dreams. A fitted , close-fitting, minimalist dress with 3/4 sleeves, or a women's cotton dress , like the black Claire trench dress should seduce you.

However, black is not the only color to adopt this winter. Among the trendy prints of the season , we find the patchwork. A long flowing dress made up of several prints in warm colors is a must have for the season.

Wearing the dress in winter: how to associate it with your outfit?

For a perfect look while protecting yourself from the cold, the dress must be combined with other winter clothes and accessories . This set will be the outfit and style you adopt.

With a long black dress , or a women's shirt dress , choose a jacket, or one with a fitted cut. The trench coat, worn with a dress, is also popular this winter.

With a model cut to the knee, energize your outfit by wearing a leather jacket and boots, or even thigh-high boots, for a total urban look. If your shirt dress is short-sleeved, or the weather is freezing, wear a cashmere sweater or soft cardigan over it and layer your coat over it. Have fun also by cracking on original tights, or adorned with refined details, which will make you all the more elegant.

This "layering" side will give you the possibility to play with the thicknesses and to leave certain layers of clothing inside if necessary. This means that with one piece, you can invent endless style variations! Don't forget that a pretty cashmere scarf or choker will give your outfit even more character, while keeping your throat warm.

Leopard print tote bag

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