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Interview guide | How to wash cashmere clothing?

Does cashmere wash?

Despite popular belief, cashmere is a material that appreciates water. It is therefore advisable to wash cashmere clothing regularly to maintain it. If you are wondering how to wash cashmere , there are two solutions available to you: hand washing and machine washing.

Our tips for washing cashmere sweaters by hand

Maintain your cashmere sweaters by washing them by hand. How to wash cashmere by hand ? Follow our advice. To wash cashmere , wash cold. Use a special detergent for delicate clothes, especially wool or cashmere clothes. Let your clothes soak quickly, then take care to wring them by hand using terry towels to absorb the water contained in the fibers. Let your cashmere dry completely flat and away from direct sunlight.

Our tips for washing cashmere sweaters in the machine

Machine washing cashmere is possible as long as you choose a cold program suitable for wool or cashmere clothing. Use a special cashmere detergent to respect the fibers of your cashmere sweater during washing. Before running your machine, consider putting your clothes in a cashmere wash net or pillowcase to prevent them from getting damaged during washing. Good news, cashmere clothes can be ironed! The main thing is to iron your cashmere carefully by choosing a delicate program and avoiding stretching your knit. Note that it is preferable to dry wash cashmere veils and scarves because they are particularly fragile.

What to avoid with cashmere

Caring for a cashmere sweater requires compliance with a certain number of requirements. On the one hand, it is important to protect your cashmere clothing from external aggressions such as the sun's rays. Also avoid using fabric softener when washing cashmere . Despite popular belief, such a product will not allow you to soften your cashmere sweater. On the contrary, its use risks altering its softness. So stick with special cashmere detergent to care for your sweaters.

How to keep cashmere from pilling?

When you see pilling appearing on your cashmere sweater, know that it is completely normal. A new cashmere sweater always pills. The pills will disappear over time. However, to limit the appearance of pilling, let your cashmere sweater sleep for several days in your closet. You also have the option of using a cashmere or pilling comb . This fabulous accessory will allow you to remove your pills easily without altering the shape and quality of your pul