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Care guide: Leather

Interview guide | How to clean leather clothing?

The different types and treatments of leather

Leather is a material that comes in different types. We distinguish in particular between smooth leather, aniline leather, pigmented leather, oiled leather, suede leather, patent leather and suede leather. The care of leather clothing must be adapted to the type of leather. The treatment of the leather gives it the desired appearance. To give you an idea, there are three main types of treatments: washed leather treatment, aged leather treatment and printed leather treatment.

Maintaining leather clothing: how to go about it?

Leather maintenance is closely linked to its type. Maintaining vegan leather will not be the same as maintaining patent leather or suede leather. Generally speaking, caring for a leather bag and caring for a leather jacket is simply done using a soft cloth lightly dampened with soap or mild shampoo. Subsequently, the leather can be protected by applying wax or oil-based products.

What product helps nourish leather naturally?

To nourish the leather naturally , several solutions are available to you. On the one hand, you have the option of nourishing the leather with olive oil . Nourishing leather with coconut oil is also an excellent way to promote daily maintenance of your leather . These natural care products will tend to soften and waterproof your leather.

How to restore shine to the leather of clothing?

There is a foolproof technique for restoring shine to the leather of your leather jackets, pants, bags or even shoes. To do this, you will need to prepare a paste made of beeswax and turpentine. Place and let this paste dry on your dull leather clothes. Then, rub your leather garment with a soft cloth to make it shine. Thanks to this technique, promote the maintenance of lambskin , the maintenance of patent leather or the maintenance of suede leather .

Tips for getting an odor out of leather clothing

Leather clothing tends to absorb odors. However, you can make them disappear by using a mixture of talc and bicarbonate. Once you have obtained your mixture, apply it to your entire garment, then clean the excess after a few hours. This technique will allow you to remove the musty smell from leather clothing.

Actions to avoid in order to protect leather

Ensuring proper maintenance of leather requires protecting it by having a good knowledge of the actions to avoid. Intense heat, humidity and water, as well as direct sunlight, are factors that can significantly alter the appearance of your leather. It is strictly not recommended to wash a leather jacket or leather pants in the washing machine or dryer. Applying products such as acetone or leather polish remover will strip your clothing.