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Women's wide pants

In recent years, wide-leg pants for women have made a comeback in our wardrobes. We particularly appreciate it for the flexibility it offers to our movements and its durability. At Apostrophe, we make it a point of honor to design high-end women's loose pants . Our collection of pants is worth discovering without further delay. And if you like our wide women's pants , you will also like our straight pants .

How to wear wide-leg pants for women?

Wear women's flowing pants with a blouse

In order to sport a chic look by wearing loose pants for women , the ideal is to mix them with a blouse or an original blouse. Whether it's a classic black blouse or a patterned blouse, there are plenty of choices available to you. The light appearance of the blouse echoes the fluidity of the loose women's pants . Worn together, these two ultra-trendy pieces will give you a chic and elegant look. Discover Apostrophe blouses and blouses

Wear women's wide pants with a cashmere sweater

If you are wondering how to wear wide-leg pants for women in winter, pair them with a cashmere sweater. The softness and elegance of the cashmere sweater will subtly enhance your outfit. You can easily wear it for a day at the office or during an evening at a restaurant. Our wide pants can be discovered within a large collection. I discover Apostrophe pants

Why choose loose pants?

Feel comfortable in your movements

Elegant women looking for pants to feel comfortable all day long will find their ally in our range of wide-leg pants for women . We appreciate this model of pants for its trendy look and the voluminous effect it gives to an everyday outfit. The advantage of loose women's pants is that they are wide enough not to feel too tight in your clothes when you wear them.

For the durability of loose pants

Most of Apostrophe's wide-leg pants for women are durable. On the one hand, they are made from noble, high-end materials which contribute to their durability. On the other hand, since they are looser, loose women's pants reduce friction and tension on the fabrics. So, when you invest in wide-leg women's pants , you are likely to keep them in your wardrobe for many years.

What are our different models of wide pants

Our bootcut pants

A particularly fashionable piece of fashion in recent years, bootcut pants can be worn in all seasons, in winter as in summer. It is characterized by a flared cut that starts from the knee. We love it for its original and atypical style. Wear this model of pants with a women's blazer jacket. Discover Apostrophe jackets

Our flowing pants

A bit retro but still very trendy, the high-waisted flowing pants are a model that can be worn in summer and winter. We find the flowing summer pants in light materials while the flowing winter pants are best seen in warm and comforting materials like velvet.