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Women's tweed jacket

Our selection of women's tweed jackets comes in many original models to dress elegant women. White tweed jacket , black tweed jacket or short tweed jacket will delight those who love style and refinement. Discover the beauty of our blazer jackets to wear on all occasions. Don't miss out on our long jackets either.

The models of our women's tweed jackets

Our long tweed jackets

Our know-how is constantly looking for inspiration to offer you timeless pieces. As evidenced by our long tweed jackets . We particularly appreciate this jacket model for its originality and refinement. The tweed patterns that adorn our jackets bring a classic and sometimes vintage look to a feminine outfit.

Our tweed blazer jackets for women

If you are looking for a classic jacket ideal to wear at any time of the week, know that the tweed blazer jacket will easily match the accessories in your wardrobe. Change your style according to the seasons by combining pants or a dress with your women's tweed blazer jacket . Discover our range of tweed clothing

How to wear a tweed jacket for women?

Accessorize your tweed jacket with Apostrophe pants

There are many ways to combine your women's tweed jacket with other fashion pieces. To feel comfortable throughout a day at work, why not pair the cropped tweed jacket with pleated pants. This will be an opportunity for you to emphasize the elegance and classicism of your outfit. I discover Apostrophe pants

Enhance your outfit by wearing a tweed jacket with a dress

And for women who want to break the masculine side of a women's tweed blazer jacket , we can only advise you to wear a flowing and light dress underneath. There is nothing like asserting your femininity in an original way by combining the masculine side of the tweed jacket with a timeless piece of women's wardrobe.

When to wear a women's tweed jacket?

Wear a tweed jacket to the office

In a woman's life, there are many occasions that lend themselves to wearing a tweed jacket . Starting with the professional world! The women's tweed jacket has the ability to easily transform an elegant outfit into a women's work outfit. Whether you want to wear a white tweed jacket or a black tweed jacket to the office, you won't fail to look sophisticated.

Wear a tweed jacket to a classy event

Through the chic and refinement it offers to women's looks, the tweed jacket is easily worn during a prestigious event. Whether it's a premiere, a dinner with friends or a winter wedding, wearing a women's tweed jacket is never a faux pas. See all tweed clothing