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Trendy prints Spring/Summer 2022

Trendy prints spring-summer 2022 I APOSTROPHE PARIS Which pants for your body type I APOSTROPHE PARIS

What are the trendy prints for summer 2022?

Printed patterns are essential in this spring's fashion. It must be said: we love them! They brighten up our wardrobe and our daily lives with multiple possibilities! Find out what the trendy spring-summer 2022 prints are with Apostrophe Paris.

Our list of trendy spring-summer 2022 prints

  • The floral print;
  • Tie and dye;
  • The paisley print;
  • The spotted print;
  • The psychedelic print;
  • Vertical stripes

Fluid denim pants


Floral print

Fuchsia floral print blouse

Delicate and feminine, the gradient floral print is the fashion trend of the season. Available in multiple colors, floral patterns inspire us with the return of sunny days!

Brighten your day with a blouse with yellow flowers , or opt for one fuchsia dress , the pop shade of the moment.



It's back among the trendy prints for 2022! Tie and dye was already a key pattern of the 70s! It has lost none of its originality, but is resolutely chic. It is very easy to coordinate with white or black pants for an elegant touch.

A cardigan or lurex sweater will be ideal for mid-season. A lurex sweater or matte silver tye and die t-shirt will go perfectly with pants, a skirt or shorts this summer.

Blue lurex tie-dye T-shirt


Paisley print

Orange paisley print blouse


Do you like the delicacy of the patterns? You will love the paisley print! This inimitable style imagined by the Persians was originally worn by men! Since then, women's wardrobes around the world have adopted Paisley prints!

With a pretty cotton skirt or top, you will appreciate the elegant details of the fabric. Adopt a matching paisley print top and bottom for a refined look.


Pollock-style spotted print

The spotted print is still relevant this spring-summer 2022. We love the superimposition of perfectly matched colored spots to create a pretty monochrome.

Let yourself be tempted by a pollock printed piece. Art and fashion combine wonderfully in these original pieces!

Pollock printed v-neck top


The psychedelic print

Psychedelic printed cotton top

Here's another trend that comes to us from the 70's! However, the psychedelic print has evolved. No more exuberant patterns! Today, the psychedelic print is soft and feminine.

You will fall for pants or a very long dress. Both romantic and bohemian, this resolutely modern look continues to attract attention!


Vertical striped print

Vertical stripes are a timeless staple. The navy blue and white striped shirt is a great classic that can be worn with all types of plain pants .

This pattern is particularly becoming, and on a jacket , it brings a touch of originality to the most classic outfits. It will also dress you lightly during hot summer days with a viscose top or dress .

Navy striped cotton blouse