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AW21 prints

Trendy prints and materials for winter 2021 I APOSTROPHE PARIS

Trendy prints and materials for winter 2021 I APOSTROPHE PARIS What are the trendy prints for winter 2021-2022?

Printed pieces are the must-haves of the season. They come in a multitude of materials and silhouettes: from women's printed tops to coats, from dresses to pants, wear them elegantly or casually. Combine them with plain outfits or combine them as you wish. Discover the trendy prints for winter 2021-2022 with Apostrophe Paris.

  • The paisley print;
  • Tiles ;
  • Zebra print;
  • Leopard print;
  • The stripes
  • Patchwork.

Paisley print

The paisley print offers you the refinement of a classic and timeless piece. This patterned print, also called “paisley”, has an ancient history that begins in Persia and continues in India. The shape of the traditional paisley pattern would evoke a flower included in a drop of water. This beautiful image seduced the creators. Originally worn by men, European fashion has made cashmere a key piece of women's wardrobes.

Very delicate, the paisley print is suitable for a wide range of clothing in complete lightness. The flowing women's printed shirt or the Lia printed women's dress give you a bohemian-inspired look.

Do you want chic for winter evenings? The paisley print appears on velvet as on the Frida dress . Worn with pumps, it's the ideal dress for glamorous end-of-year celebrations.

The checkered print

The checkered print remains a safe bet. A trend to combine this winter with more sober pieces. To warm up, choose the Mila checked coat , oversized version. This coat goes well with all your winter looks. Made from a blend of wool and cashmere, it protects you from the cold with taste.
A checked printed women's blouse will go perfectly with classic cut pants or jeans. Under a plain fitted jacket, it will provide a nice contrast.

Zebra print

Among the trendy prints for winter 2021-2022 is the zebra print. Whether you wear it as a discreet touch with an accessory, or with a piece like the Doris women's printed blouse , the brown and beige tones combine harmoniously in summer and winter.

Leopard print

In the same spirit, leopard print is also a must-have in your fall-winter wardrobe. Perfectly feminine, this timeless pattern can be discovered with the reversible Carmen parka.

Depending on your mood of the moment, this parka can be worn either with a discreet leopard touch, or by completely revealing the print. Nothing better to face the cold with a touch of pep and originality.

The striped print

Impossible to do without striped clothes this winter! Whether you want to wear a women's printed shirt , a cardigan or classic pants, it's a basic that energizes any outfit. Worn vertically, stripes elegantly elongate the silhouette.

The patchwork print

Originally, patchwork is a work made up of pieces of various fabrics. The patchwork spirit is making its debut among the trendy prints for winter 2021-2022 . Thus, plays of asymmetries and patterns create surprise on a women's printed blouse or our Mary wrap dress . These original pieces create harmony while combining new colors and shapes.

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