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AW21 accessories

Trendy winter accessories 2021-2022 I APOSTROPHE PARIS Trendy winter accessories 2021-2022 I APOSTROPHE PARIS

What will be the trendy accessories for fall-winter 2021-2022? With the arrival of cold weather, fashion accessories become essential to protect you from the harsh climate. What will be the trendy accessories for fall-winter 2021-2022? The scarf, hat or neck warmer will nicely complete your outfits by warming you up. Of course, we must not forget the tote bag, which is dressed in faux fur for the occasion. With Apostrophe Paris, accessorize yourself with luxury and refinement.

This winter season's accessories for a resolutely modern style are:

  • The scarf, in velvet, or cashmere and wool;
  • The knit and cashmere hat;
  • The wool and cashmere choker;
  • The faux fur tote handbag, leopard print.

How to accessorize your outfit with a scarf?

Treat yourself to a luxury scarf to get you through winter in style. Much more than a simple muffler, it can be renewed, because it can be worn in multiple ways. Graceful, simply placed on your shoulders, tied or just wrapped around your neck, we can't get enough of it. It is worn over clothes to better reveal itself and create a unique style.

Devoured velvet stole

If you are not naturally chilly, wear a velvet scarf . So, you give a touch of glamor to all your seasonal outfits with a precious stole. The paisley pattern printed on the devoré velvet is ideal for enhancing your outfit on New Year's Eve.

Coordinated with one of our soft velvet pieces , you opt for a feminine and trendy look. The material, light and bright, will be perfect for the end of year celebrations.

However, to counter the freezing temperatures, turn to the cashmere scarf , whose softness to the touch will seduce you. Choose scarves in neutral colors, such as white, black or gray, which will match all your clothes. Adorned with authentic ethnic stripes, the delicate simplicity of our models will complement all your everyday outfits.

To do this, take care not to hide your scarf in your coat, that would be a shame! And then, it will give you a relaxed and chic side.

Ethnic striped cashmere scarf

Accessorize with wool: adopt the hat

Wool is a favorite material for designers to help you cope with the cold weather. Impossible to do without knitted pieces in your wardrobe. With a touch of nostalgia for the winters of yesteryear, it offers us the best way to warm up.

Cashmere and wool hat

Among the trendy fall-winter 2021-2022 accessories , the wool hat is the best choice. It's a fashionable headgear that keeps you warm. However, in winter, it is recommended to cover your head, which is particularly exposed to the cold. Heat loss is then less significant and you preserve your health.

Nowadays, a trendy hat is simple and minimalist. To harmonize it with the rest of your look, basic colors avoid any lack of taste. In addition, you can choose the color of the hat according to that of your coat or scarf for a distinguished tone-on-tone result.

Wearing a knit garment brings softness to your wardrobe, but comfort is important. So, a cashmere hat will give you a pleasant feeling. Our model, the Billy wool and cashmere hat with its twisted details and ribbed edges will elegantly match all your outfits.

Accessorize with mesh: opt for the choker

Practical, because it is easy to put on and protects you like a turtleneck, the neck warmer is a winter must-have. Unlike a scarf, it doesn't unravel when you move. In addition, if you have a fragile throat, it keeps you safe from drafts and cold.

The neck warmer goes with everything. It goes very well with a coat or a low-cut sweater. Opt for a warm wool and cashmere choker . You will be seduced by the softness and rendering of the materials of this luxury women's accessory with an immediate feeling of well-being right on the skin.

With its delicate twisted details, the choker is elegantly worn and enhances the way you carry your head. Combine it for a total look, tone on tone, with a cashmere knit sweater for an effect that is both simple and sophisticated.

Cashmere and wool choker

The practical winter accessory: the tote handbag

Among the trendy fall-winter 2021-2022 accessories , the tote bag is at the forefront. And in winter, the tote bag is adorned with faux fur. It must be said that this season, our desire for warm and soft materials is in full swing. So, our bag is meant to be chic, functional and the tote bag is a perfect size.

Leopard print tote bag

Unlike a classic handbag, it has dimensions suitable for shopping. Its large size allows you to fit all your small Christmas purchases and all your belongings inside. No need to choose between small everyday objects and accessories, it is large enough to take them everywhere with you.

The handy and comfortable handles of the tote bag are a practical detail that is important. Carried on the shoulder or simply in the hand, it will be the perfect partner for all your escapades. Like our Safyra model, don't hesitate to choose a leopard print bag. This is one of this winter's trendy prints . You will combine this original piece with minimalist outfits for a refined look.