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Care guide: Wool

Interview guide | How to maintain wool clothing?

How to wash wool clothing without damaging it or making it shrink?

Care of wool and its washing must be given special attention. Wool is a material considered rather fragile and delicate. How to wash wool without damaging it ? Discover our tips.

Wash a wool sweater

It's not always easy to know how to wash wool . However, be aware that there are appropriate methods to ensure the beauty of the fibers of your wool sweater. We advise you to wash your wool sweater by hand . Choose a basin of lukewarm water around 30°C, no more. Use special wool detergent to ensure that your wool sweater is properly maintained . If you wish, machine wash your wool sweater . All you have to do is choose a wool or delicate laundry program . The main thing is that the washing temperature does not exceed 30°C. A higher temperature could damage and deform your wool sweater. Please note that you can also delegate the care of your boiled wool, mohair wool or Pyrenees wool clothes to professionals by turning to a dry cleaner.

Wash a wool scarf or wool hat

The simplest method for washing a wool scarf is to soak it in a basin of lukewarm water with liquid Marseille soap or special detergent for washing wool. Gently rub the areas with stains and wring out your scarf or hat. Take care to let your accessories dry flat and in the open air. Avoid tumble drying at all costs as the heat could cause your wool clothes to shrink.

What is the best detergent for wool?

To ensure that you do not damage your wool clothes when washing, we advise you to opt for detergents specially designed for wool. Liquid Marseille soap is also ideal for washing wool . It is recommended to avoid so-called “universal” detergents and organic detergents because they contain enzymes.

How to remove a stain from wool clothing?

Looking for the ideal method to wash a wool sweater and remove visible stains? Get some liquid natural Marseille soap and use it to gently rub the stain on your wool sweater. Leave the soap on for a few minutes and rinse the product by pouring lukewarm water over the garment. If your stain persists, do not hesitate to use a few drops of white vinegar to gently wash the wool .

Precautions to take when ironing and smoothing wool

To ensure optimal ironing of your wool clothes without risking damaging their fibers, take care to adjust the temperature of your iron first. Choose delicate laundry mode or use a lukewarm iron. Do not hesitate to use a pattemouille or a damp cloth to place between your wool garment and your iron to ensure the maintenance of the wool .